Small law for small business


Our Experience

After over a decade of experience as in-house legal counsel and advisors in health care and employee benefits, we understand that the last thing you want to worry about as you run your small business is legal issues.  Our services include legal and regulatory compliance as well as technical consulting for the health care industry and small business.  


Our Approach

Our goal is to work as part of your in-house team, but only when you need us.  Unlike traditional law firms, we come to you so we can better understand your needs.  We understand that your legal and compliance budget is limited, so our services are scalable based on your budget and your priorities.


Why Us?

You work hard to save money everywhere you can, and you don't get paid more for being less efficient.  Neither should your law firm.  We don't operate exclusively on the traditional billable hour model, offering monthly consulting service packages and additional legal services on a flat-fee or project basis.  We keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to you to reinvest into what's important - your business.